One Name Study

What is a One-Name Study?

A one-name study is a project researching all occurrences of a surname, as opposed to a particular pedigree (ancestors of one person) or descendancy (descendants of one person or couple).” This definition is that used by the Guild of One-Name Studies of which I am a member.


The “Goals” for the Wheelock one-name study is that there is a trusted body of knowledge defining the origins of the Wheelock name, how the name spread across the globe, the  family trees, where the names occur now and how it differs from other names.

Integrate or find the connections from the different families in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

The goals are those I aim to reach over the coming year (2018), these are:

  1. Bring together appropriate tool sets to support the study.
  2. Collect Data: continue the UK data collection and start that for the Ireland and South Africa.
  3. Digitize all current information currently in my possession.
  4. Published a report on the Wheelock website stating progress against the above goals


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