Domesday Book and other Research

The Domesday Book

The Doomesday book was complied in 1085-6 by King William I  men it describes in remarkable detail, the landholdings and resources of late 11th  century England,  The name Hoiloch appears in Folio 267/R in the great Domesday Book  the bigger of the two. A copy of the original and translation to English  is now online at the The National Archives in London click on Original or Translation to view  the document.

Rev. C Millington articles

The Village of Wheelock has had a very interesting and colourful history the Reverend C. Millington who heads the Congregational Church in Wheelock and has written extensively about the village I have included several of his articles:



Silk and Cotton Industry

Woman’s Land Army 1942

Romans in Cheshire


Early Cheshire

Cheshire History 1850

Village 1850


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