Welcome to the site, growing up I used to hear multiple stories and anecdotes as to how my family came to be in Mexico and Central America including the odd rumour of England and yes South Africa. When I started researching all those years ago the Internet was in its infancy and any existing information on the web was not reliable and all research was done in the library in books and microfilm. Nowadays most of my research is online and can access libraries and government departments through their websites. However, I still get a buzz every time I go to a library or an old church which hasn’t been digitised and find something new.

The research started with emphasis on Thomas Wheelock Walford the forefather of my tree but over the years it has expanded.

I have tried over the years to find information that has documentary evidence or reliable enough to be published.

Please browse and enjoy the tour, it contains information on Wheelock families from as early as 1688 and also includes information on Irish, Latin American, South African and a couple of other cadet branches of the family name.

This information has been collected over the last 20 years and I continue to investigate a variety of sources for Wheelock Family History.

I am happy to share whatever information is presented here.

If you are looking for American or Canadian information please go to Rick Sullivan’s website,

His website is predominantly American and Canadian Family trees with an emphasis with Massachusetts

If you have any further information regarding any of the family branches, I would appreciate any information that you could provide and details of the research or source of the information.

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