Blog 1 – 2022 – Part 1 – South Cheshire

18th January 2022 0 By admin

All this was done prior to Christmas, and this is the current research undertaken:

  • There is a theory that the family of Ralph Wheelock came from Wybunbury in South Cheshire?
  • There was a marriage between William Whylocke & Alis Onlees/Oakes on the 29 Mar 1624 in Audlem, Cheshire, who may possibly be the parents of William Wheelock of Buerton and possibly related to the Wheelock’s of Wybunbury.
  • It is possible William senior was the first to settle in Buerton. It is thought that William senior inherited property from his mother’s family in Audlem and moved there as a result.

Details to hand and work needed to be done:

To examine the Parish Registers and Bishop’s Transcripts to identify Wheelock/e families living in Wybunbury and Audlem, Cheshire, in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries.

Wybunbury is an ancient parish within the county of Cheshire. It is made up of eighteen townships one which is named Doddington. This is interesting as a Doddington/Dorrington has been suggested as a place of origin for Ralph Wheelock. It was part of the Nantwich Hundred.

*Below is the map how the constituencies where then formed prior to Council reform and Doddington was part of Cheshire then. 

* The Family tree is at present only speculations, have deliberately chosen to ignore the published sources as thus far I cannot find any supporting evidence.

To be continued in Part 2

The Parish Registers are available for Wybunbury from 1598 and the Bishop’s Transcripts from 1600.

Audlem Parish is also in Cheshire and adjacent Wybunbury Parish at its south-western edge.

Within the parish of Audlem is the township of Buerton. Parish Records are available from 1557 and Bishop’s Transcripts from 1700s. It was also in the Nantwich Hundred.