Raw Data how it looks

Raw Data how it looks

10th February 2019 0 By admin

I have pretty much completed the family and now taking a break of sorts from it. Back to doing research. below is an example how raw data looks like.

When I first receive the data is all just names and dates then for me is just a matter of interpreting, some comments even though it doesn’t make sense are my notes so I understand for future reference or research.

So to get to the family tree in a final format is a matter cross referencing and tabulating the data. I hope this helps in how research in genealogy works.

Shropshire, Whitchurch Parish Registers, baptisms 1633-1732

23     Jul    1679         John               s          Philleman Whillock

4       Sep  1691         William          s          Philemon Wheelock

30     Dec  1704         Mary              dau     John Wheelock of Whitchurch

15     Dec  1705         Sarah             dau     John Wheelock of Whitchurch

24     Apr   1708         John               s          John Whillock of Whitchurch

23     Feb  1711/2     Anne              dau     John Whillock of Whitchurch

18     Oct  1719         Elizabeth       dau     John Whillock and Sarah of Whitchurch

marriages 1627-1744

24     Sep  1678         Philemon Wheelock & Jone Edwards

burials 1681-1750

7       Feb  1681/2     Phillemon      s          Phillemon Whillocks

7       Sep  1691         William          s          Philemon Wheelock

26     Jun   1703         Philemon Whilock of Whitchurch

6       Sep  1710         John               s          John Wheelock of Whitchurch

31     Dec  1710         Ann                 dau     Philemon Whilock of Whitchurch

8       Apr   1723         John Wheelock of Whitchurch

I know these are a bit early but Whitchurch is a border parish with Cheshire so thought they might be worth following through at some point.

Work done at Stafford CRO 27/7/99, 2.0-4.45

Written up with all this report 1/8/99, 10.45-11.15, 2.0-4.15

This first section was done before I went to Shrewsbury, and is the Tatenhill group

Noted Tatenhill St. Michael is on IGI from BTs only.

F926/1 and F3625/1/ baps and burs 1700-1812, F3625/1/4 mars 1754-82


25     Apr   1764         Thomas         s          Richard & Mary Wheelock

26     Jun   1766         Mary              dau     Richard & Mary Wheelock

28     Jun   1767         Richard          s          Richard & Mary Wheelock

19     Nov 1768         John               s          Richard & Mary Wheelock

26     Apr   1772         William          s          Richard & Mary Wheelock

29     May 1774         George          s          Richard & Mary Wheelock

16     Jun   1777         Alice               dau     Richard & Mary Wheelock

18     Sep  1785         Thomas         s          Thomas & Jane Wheelock

25     May 1806         Francis           s          Sarah Wheelock of Dunstall, spurious

26     Oct  1806         Mary              dau     John & Sarah Wheelock

6       Sep  1807         Thomas         s          Lydia Wheelock, spurious

Note no bap of a Richard c.1737 – I feel this was a patron entered guess based on LDS standard formula for calculating birth date from marriage date.


27     Jun   1763         Richard Wheelock (x) and Mary Clarke (x) both of this parish, witn. John Slater & William Earp

18     Apr   1785         Thomas Wheelock (x) of parish of Netherseal & Jane Batthew (x) of this parish, by banns, witn. William Rowley & John Cholderton.  Banns register exists for this period, on same fiche, searched and found entry but adds nothing

3       Oct  1790         Richard Wheelock & Elizabeth Newbold  botp

Netherseal is in Leicestershire and there is nothing on the IGI for this Thomas.


14     Oct  1777         Alice                           dau Richard & Mary Wheelock

2       Jun   1778         Mary                          wf Richard Wheelock

23     Dec  1812         Sarah Wheelock      pauper of Dunstall

Then I checked the IGI for Staffs and noted:

Thomas Wheelock and Jane having children in Burton: 1788 Mary, 1794 Alice

William Wheelock & Ann having children in Burton: 1794 Mary, 1799 Ann

Thomas Wheelock & Elizabeth having children in Colwich:  1804 Emma, 1807 John

George Wheelock & Elizabeth having children in Barton under Needwood:  1797 John

Uttoxeter events including names Richard and Thomas, 1765, Richard 1744 and 1738.  Decided this looked promising so followed it up:

F3891/1/6 Uttoxeter St. Mary.  Baps and mars are on IGI for mid C18th so concentrated on burs.

4       Oct  1739         Elizabeth       dau     Richard Wheelock

20     Jun   1740         Thomas Wheelock

25     Nov 1741         Mary              wf       Richard Wheelock

21     Sep  1744         Richard          s          Richard Wheelock and Mary his wife

19     Apr   1748         Richard          s          Richard Wheelock

moved back to F3891/1/5 for bap of first Richard

16     Jul    1738         Richard          s          Richard Wheelock and Mary his wife

there was no bap for the second Richard buried.

So could there be 2 Richard and Marys?   There was one odd bap to a Richard and Mary in Checkley in 1731 but otherwise I couldn’t see anything that sorted these out.

Work done at Shrewsbury CRO 28/7/99, 1.30-4.45

Market Drayton Independent Chapel:  original records are at PRO where you should be able to order prints.  I was using the transcript in the Shropshire Parish Record Society vol.II (indexed)

13     Dec  1808         Elizabeth       dau     Thomas & Elizabeth Wheelock of Turley Castle, parish of Drayton-in-Hales, co. Stafford, born 25 Nov

4       May 1812         Joseph           s          Thomas & Elizabeth Wheelock of Turley Castle, parish of Drayton-in-Hales, co. Stafford, born 4 Apr

14     Dec  1813         Thomas         s          Thomas & Elizabeth Wheelock of Turley Castle, parish of Drayton-in-Hales, co. Stafford, born 13 Dec

(Drayton-in-Hales is the same place as Market Drayton.  Parts of this parish are technically in Staffordhsire.  Turley, usually Tyrley, was a township in the Staffordshire part, a peculiar whose wills were proved in a manoral court, but within Lichfield diocese)

1851 census index Market Drayton negative.

1841 census HO107/0899/4-5 went right through this but negative for your line as so far established, though I couldn’t find any ref to Tyrley except one household crossed through with a note “included in a different schedule”.  There was just one Wheelock ref which I noted and which I am writing up because in the light of what I found later it could be relevant:

HO107/0899/5 fo.34, p.18 Cheshire Street

Susan Wheelock     55                   draper              N

Caroline Cheshire   30                  

Henrietta Cheshire 7

Sophia Cheshire      4

+ 1 servant.

I think the Cheshire family were probably lodgers, especially as so little information was given on them.

There was no Market Drayton parish file to take material from.

P97/109-112 and P97/157-8 Market Drayton baps 1808-12

27     Dec  1819         Eliza               dau     Thomas & Elizabeth Wheelock       Tyrley Castle, farmer

printout obtained, will be in the post to you tomorrow.

P97/175-8 Market Drayton burs 1819-41

15     Jun   1822         Elizabeth Wheelock                                                                                                              Tyrley                                       42

This appeared to be your Thomas’ mother.  Printout obtained.

7       Mar 1836         Mary Wheelock                                                                                              Drayton                  32

8       Feb  1837         Ann Wheelock                                                                                                Drayton                  76

27     Jun   1838         Thomas John           Wheelock                                                                     Drayton                  inf

11     Sep  1838         John Wheelock                                                                                               Drayton                  31 *

The Ann here could just possibly be Thomas senior’s mother, though he didn’t use the name for a daughter so far as we know so could be a stepmother or aunt.

I wanted to check some of these findings on Shropshire IGI but unfortunately the fiche for Wheelock had disappeared.  I did however look at Staffs.:

Children on Thomas and Elizabeth in Cheadle – can now be ruled out because overlap date in Market Drayton above.

Children of Thomas and Elizabeth in Colwich, Emma 1804 and John 1807 – this John looks like the one buried MD in 1838 and so these baps should be checked out.

Finally I decided to investigate the Elizabeth Walford who married Thomas senior.  Would she have been 42 at burial in 1822?

IGI Shropshire showed Elizabeth bap 1780 to a William and Mary Walford in Prees *.  This William and Mary also had a Thomas bap in Prees in 1770 – remember the witness to the marriage was a Thomas.  So I feel sure this is the right Elizabeth and therefore the right marriage. 

* printouts not possible because too late in the day to have them done – I can get them next time if you would like them.

Work done at Stafford CRO 30/7/99, 1.0-4.30

Because Stafford has better listing for census returns I was able to find Tyrley quite easily:

CEN41/10-11, HO107/988/2  fo.7, p.3 Tyrley Castle

Emma Minor            35                   farmer                                                                                                   Y

Sarah Minor             13                                             N

Walter Minor           10                                              Y

George Minor          6                                                Y

Mary Minor              5                                                Y

+ 4 servants.

Fo.3, p.1 The Hills, Tyrley

William Minor         35                   farmer                                                                                                   Y

Mary Minor              15                                              Y

William Minor         12                                              Y

Sarah Minor             11                                              Y

Alice Minor               30                   Ind.                   N

+ 6 servants

I felt there was a chance this could be the Emma bap in Colwich in 1804 and William Minor could have been her husband (I’ve seen husband and wife with 2 separate households before on census where one or other parent has recently died and they are having to keep 2 farms running for a while) as none of the children clash and neither seems to have a spouse.  So I thought it worth going on to 1851:

CEN51/63 HO107/1996 fo.312, p.8 Tyrley

Emma Minor            hd                   wid      53 farmer of 200 acres                                                   Maer

Sarah Frances Minor  dau            u          22                                                                                                                   Salop, Longford

Wingfield H. Minor                        s          u           18                                                             farmer’s son                  Tyrley

+ 6 servants.

Fo.313, p.10 Hills Farm

William Minor         hd                   wid      49 farmer of 215 acres                                            Longford

Alice A. Minor          sis                   u          44  annuitant                                                                                      Salop, Preeson (sic)

+ 1 servant.

So I was still hopeful that Emma was Thomas senior’s daughter, though age and place of birth were not quite right.  In any case this is a good indication of date of Thomas senior’s death or move from Tyrley as Emma seems to have gone there in c.1830.

Nest I tried for a will for Thomas senior, or indeed any other Wheelock wills.

D848 Tyrley Manor probate index negative.

CAL/7 Lichfield Diocese Peculiar wills calendar 1570-1857 (includes Prees)

                  1796         William Walford     Prees “at Shrewsbury”

8       Jul    1820         Mary Wheelock       Burton

I feel this must be Elizabeth’s father’s will and I think it would be worth checking even though the marriage was later than this – did she have any property left to her?

CAL/5 1776-1820 and CAL/6 1821-60 Lichfield Diocese Consistory wills (includes most of east Shropshire and all Staffordshire except peculiars, plus disputed wills from peculiars and those with property in more than one peculiar/parish.  There were a series of Wheelock from Grindon and Dilhorne which I am not writing up for the moment since this is well away from the right area and the lines there seem to continue past the point where they could tie to yours:

4       Feb  1790         Mary Wheelock       Cheswardine

27     Apr   1837         William Whilock      Stone

26     Jul    1848         George Wheelock   Barton-under-Needwood

So nothing here.  I think you should maybe now check the PCC wills in the PRO (now at the FRC I think but no index for this period).  You should start from 1819 and go if necessary to 1851 for the moment I think.  It seems unlikely that he would not have left one, and perhaps as he had apparently some wealth the family opted for the status of PCC probate, or maybe he had land in more than one diocese which necessitates PCC probate, as would a dispute.

Next I checked the IGI for Shropshire:

12     Feb  1829         Emma Wheelock mar Jonathan Buckley in Market Drayton.

This seems likely to be Thomas senior’s daughter and knocks my census theory, though he could have died and she remarried.  I think this marriage should be checked.

22     Aug  1833         John Wheelock mar Mary Dale in Market Drayton

This seems to be John born in Colwich and the mar may prove this by witnesses, should certainly be checked.  It seems likely that this was the Mary who died there in 1836.  Need to check for a bap for Mary Dale c.1804.

28     May 1838         John Thomas           s John & Susan Wheelock                          Market Drayton

I think this may be John remarried in view of second name (and switch of names when this infant was buried);  then John died and this Susan carried on in MD as per census above.  Again the bap record needs to be seen in full.

1       May 1801         Mary              dau     Thomas & Elizabeth Wheelock Weston under Redcastle

I think this could be the first bap to Thomas senior – I’m not just sure where this place is, but if it is Weston and Wixhill as per my Phillimore’s Atlas, then it is adjacent to Hodnet and Prees.  If it is theirs, then the chances are strong that Thomas’ mother was Mary.

12     Dec  1830         Christiana     dau     George & Mararet Willock                        Market Drayton

Interesting this – could Thomas and Elizabeth have had a George that we don’t yet know of – there are gaps in the run of baps to them even now.

27     Dec  1776         Thomas         s          Thomas & Mary Willock                                       Boningale

This is a long way south, against the Staffs. border so may not be relevant, but it’s about the earliest ref in Shropshire so must be considered.

Next I checked the Colwich baps:

F874/1/7 Colwich PR specific refs:

23     Mar 1804         Emma            dau     Thomas & Elizabeth Whelock of  Shugborough

3       Jan   1807         John               s          Thomas & Elizabeth Wheelock of the Manor Farm at Shugborough

burials to 1812 were negative.

F874/1/6 mars 1790-1804 negative, so this couple were not married there and I rather think they are yours.  The occupation and status appears correct.

I don’t know if you know of Shugborough – it’s now a National Trust property though still the home of the Queen’s cousin and photographer, Patrick, Lord Lichfield.  What was the manor farm, presumably, is now the historic/experimental farm which is open to the public as part of the estate.  I wonder if there is some connection of the Lichfield family with Tyrley and Hodnet?  I didn’t have a chance to follow this up because it’s holiday season and neither of the archivists, as opposed to search room assistants, was on duty in the search room.  But I think it bears looking into.  And it might be worth looking at the 1841 census for Shugborough, too, in case Thomas senior “inherited” the tenure of the farm from his father, or any of his children from him.

Then I checked IGI for a Buckley/Minor marriage, still hoping to track down Emma, but there was nothing.

The most likely parish for events for people living in Tyrley, apart from Market Drayton, was Mucklestone, since this was actually the nearest church building.  So I thought it worth ruling out for Thomas’ burial:

F4610/13 Mucklestone PR burs 1813-51 negative.

Finally I thought it worth checking the various 1851 census index volumes for Staffordshire:


1996 negative (this includes Market Drayton, Mucklestone, Tyrley)

2009 negative

  • Wheelock on fo. 593, 607, 605 (all Trentham)
  • negative

2002 negative

2003 negative

2004 negative

2005 negative

  • negative
  • Wheelock on p.85 (Longton, near the Caverswall boundary and probably the Dilhorne line)
  • Wheelock on fo. 762 (Grindon)

2009 Wheelock on fos. 366,378,382,383,385,463 (Dilhorne)

2010 Wheelock on fo. 457 (Hanbury, Uttoxeter)

2011 negative

2012 Wheelock on fo. 23, 65 (Burton) and 397 (Barton under Needwood)

2013 negative

2014 negative

2015 negative

2016 Wheelock on fo. 637 (Essington)

2017 negative

2018 negative

2019 negative

2020 negative

2021 negative

2022 negative

2023 Wheelock on fo. 335 (Walsall)

2024 negative

2025 Wheelock on fo. 134 and 574 (West Bromwich)

2026 negative

2027 negative

2028 negative

2029 negative

2030 negative

2031 negative

2146 negative

Let me know if you think it worth checking any or all of these for details – some were variant spellings.

Finally I have checked the 1881 census index for Joseph – and found him!!

RG11/1391    Folio 38    Page 21 26 South Rd., Edmonton, Middlesex

Charles Phillip WILLIAMS              hd           m            52          Wine Merchant Hackney, Middlesex

Sophie WILLIAMS                            wf          m            38                                        Islington, Middlesex

Herbert WILLIAMS                          s             u             13                                        Islington, Middlesex

Frederick WILLIAMS                       s             u             9                                           Islington, Middlesex

Charles WILLIAMS                           s             u             4                                           Islington, Middlesex

Stanley WILLIAMS                           s             u             3                                           Islington, Middlesex

Joseph WHEELOCK                         fa-in-law wid      68          Solicitor In The Supreme Court

              Tynby Castle, Stafford

Anny Cunstance WILLIAMS          nc                         21                                        Islington, Middlesex

There is no Tynby in Staffs., age is right, so I think this is your man.   It should now be possible to find his death in the GRO index, and then look for a will – let me know if you wish me to do these, or you may be able to do them yourself?  You or I could also try for a birth for Sophie or bap in 1842/3 – if we could find this it would give us Joseph’s wife’s name and perhaps an address for the 1841 census.