Reasons for A Wheelock Celebration

Reasons for A Wheelock Celebration

30th December 2021 0 By MWPadmin

I know I’m not alone in hoping that 2022 hopefully see a return to a degree of normality after the lockdown and turmoil of the last 12 month.

But we get started into a new year, I wanted to reflect on 2021. so why not mark the occasion by looking back on the highlights of my Wheelock research this past 12 months.

In no particular order, here are my highlights.

Ralph Wheelock

Research on the Puritan has taken me all across the United Kingdom from Suffolk in the East to South Cheshire where his family seems to originate, it has also given me a more in depth view of puritanism and reasons for migration.

Wheelock name and definition

My research has taken me to understand the Wheelock Origins and Alternative Definitions

Also, how the same surname may have different definitions dependant on the origins. Including the surname of Willoch which is Norwegian name with ancestry from possibly Scotland

The French Connection – Capt. Jean Francois Horace Wheelock Bossus

One of the highlights was finding the War Record of this family member. Long forgotten and only heard snippets of his accomplishments until the records were found in the French National Archives.

Digitising all paper records

One thing I started in 2021 and will carry into 2022 is to digitise all paper records trying to have a clean desk and everything online or in PDF format. This will take me another month or so.

Thousands of Wheelock’s

We have now reached 2000 names in the different family trees over 500 individual families. With the release of the 1922 census, I am hoping to increase the number and find not just forgotten relatives but individual Wheelock’s living alone or working in service and/or domestic service. etc…

Anthony Wheelock

A direct descendant of Abraham Wheelock was a Civil Servant working to the Admiralty. He left a treasure throve of letters of over 300 pages in the national archives. Which covered beyond genealogical research is day to day lives of 18th Century Including his will in 1781.

I hope 2022 brings even more reasons to celebrate with the release of new census.