The Peruvian connection

The Peruvian connection

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In addition to Thomas Wheelock Walford migrating to Peru his nephew Thomas Buckley eldest son of his older sister migrated to make his mark.

It is not known when arrived in Peru but he was already settled and living in Peru when he married Julia Estenós in 1861 the daughter of Dr Felipe Santiago Estenós Corrales

Dr Estenós is considered one of the founding fathers of Modern Peru and was General Secretary for Simon Bolivar and Minister of the Interior for Peru

Courtesy of Arequipa Library

Thomas Buckley died at the age of 39 leaving a large family who would become part of Peruvian society.

Here are photos courtesy of the National Library of Peru that have survived the time.

From this line the Buckley’s married into the Merchant families of the time such as John T Stokes member of the family that owned Bates, Stokes & Co, also the Ward Family from Irish ancestry who would become Senators of Arica and John Federico Ward become a successful Merchant trading with the United Kingdom












Juan Federico Ward

Thomas Wheelock Walford left the bulk of his fortune in his will to his Niece Emma Buckley who managed his affairs when he moved back to Europe before passing away in 1895 in France.

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Maria Buckley






















Julia Buckley 1889