Shugborough Estate is the seat of the Anson Family  for the last 300 Years. The current resident is the 6th Earl of Lichfield nephew to the Queen Elizabeth II, her majesty was a cousin to Patrick Lichfield the 5th Earl who was a world renown photographer and recently passed away.

The Wheelock Family in this line were Steward’s for the Earl at the end of the 18th and beginning of the 19th Centuries and where responsible for the entire estate and its servants.

A plaque on the farm shows the name of this ancestor (Thomas Wheelock)and five of its children including the one who would later migrate to Peru, Also his elder Brother Joseph Wheelock who became a prominent solicitor whose son Arthur went to South Africa.

Please see photos of the park farm where the family used to live: The facade of the house is the original from 1805.

A few years ago it celebrated it’s 200th Anniversary of the creation of the farm and modernisation of Agriculture in the United Kingdom

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