USA – Since 1600’s

It is known that a line of Wheelock’s migrated back in the 1600 to the USA, it was thought there was only one line but recent research shows there are several lines however the most notable is Ralph Wheelock and Rebecca Clarke which could be described as the earliest known Wheelock’s who migrated.

Additionally there is a family line of Native Americans from the Oneida tribe from Upstate New York.  How the surname was acquired is not yet known.

Initial information found that the Wheelock name was first used in the latter part of the eighteenth century by a member of the Stockbridge or Mahican Indians to honor their former Teacher and Schoolmaster Eleazer Wheelock. This family later intermarried with the Oneidas and left many descendants among them, beginning with the great-grandfather of Dennison Wheelock to whom an historical marker was erected in upstate New York explaining much of this history. Dennison Wheelock’s great-grandfather married a daughter of the Oneida Chief Sahonwahde, a much noted participant in the American Revolutionary War. Much of their family removed with the Oneida Indians to Wisconsin, and the name is quite prevalent even today.

Rev. Ralph Wheelock

I am  attaching here several Documents concerning Ralph Wheelock and his descendants, due to it’s sheer size it has been broken in 5 parts.

Ralph 1

Ralph 2

Ralph 3

Ralph 4

Ralph 5

Additional Documents found to the USA

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